A Heartfelt Thanks to My Dad

by | Jun 12, 2024

Last month I wrote about how grateful I am that my moms – my mom and stepmom – made such an effort to create a respectful blended family, and the many ways in which their efforts have paid off over the years. As I noted in that post, my dad also played a critical role in creating and implementing the unique vision of our family. In many ways he remains the glue that holds our family together: the calm, thoughtful, steady, loving presence all of us rely on when things get tough. Dad is still the unofficial family advisor; sought by all of us for his measured, logical and honest opinions. He is practical and ethical, and always taught us the importance of doing what’s right. Not wanting to disappoint him has always been a motivator for me and my sisters.

As my sisters and I navigate our adult lives, including parenting and coparenting, my dad’s influence is everywhere. I want to be reliable like he is, I will always make time for my kids like he did for us, and I tell my kids we can talk about anything, just like he does. He continues to be an inspirational role model for me, and our motley blended family, no matter what mess we we’re involved in, is still his top priority and his greatest joy (other than a great round of golf).

His balanced approach to problem solving, and his complete confidence in me, have also helped to make me good at my job. I actively model his strategic and strength-based approach with my clients, and I know it’s been impactful for me to be the beneficiary of a father’s absolute, unconditional love.

I share the impact of that relationship with clients the same way I offer a long-term view of healthy coparenting. We didn’t spend 50 percent of our time at my dad’s growing up – for many years we were only there every other weekend. But he was always present and available, and I knew it, regardless of our physical proximity.

To all the dads out there who are parenting, coparenting, juggling, struggling, coaching, carpooling, packing lunches, fixing booboos, and having tough discussions, whether you’re full time or part time, I promise you it matters, and it’s making a difference. Your kids might not thank you now, but they feel it, and if my experience is any indication, they will thank you down the road, and in more ways than you can currently imagine.

Happy Father’s Day!