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May 22, 2023

I’m A Divorce Coach and This Is the Number One Question I Get From Clients. 

As a divorce coach I work every day with grave women and men willing to take on the significant stress and disruption of divorce rather than settle for the status quo in a relationship that is no longer working. Read the full article for that number one question, and for tips to make the divorce process more manageable. 

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October 26, 2022

January: The Month of Divorce And Reinvention

It is the month of reinvention, and it’s just around the corner. We vow to lose weight, be healthier, add things to our life that will bring positive change, and move forward with hard decisions that we may have been putting off. For many, this includes filing for divorce. Read the full article.

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August 4, 2022

10 Important Questions To Ask Yourself If You’re Thinking About Divorce

If you’re thinking about getting a divorce, there are important questions you should ask yourself. You’ll find 10 below and, I’m certain, will come up with a few more based on your particular situation. Read the full article.

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June 6, 2022

7 Tips For Making the Process Of Being Vulnerable Easier

Have you ever wanted to ask for help but talked yourself out of it, thinking you should be able to handle it yourself? That you’re burdening people by asking, or that they’ll think less of you if you’re honest about needing support? Most of us feel good when we’re asked to help someone we care about, but being on the receiving end of support can feel entirely different. Read the full article.

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April, 2023

Are You Struggling With Your Emotional Journey Through Divorce?

Focusing on your emotional health during divorce can help you improve both the process and outcome. Read on for proven strategies to help you get on track and stay there.

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September 1, 2022

What You Say Matters, Especially During Divorce

Does this sound familiar? You have every good intention of having a civil conversation with your ex, but then something triggers you, and just like that, you’re in an ugly back-and-forth you wish you could undo, accompanied by a nasty “I know better” pit in your stomach. Read the full article.

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July 26, 2022

Think About The Big Picture Before Responding To Your Toxic Ex

We’ve all been there: staring at our phone, typing the text, erasing it, retyping…sometimes regretting hitting send. During the divorce process, it can be tempting to ignore that little voice that says, don’t do it. Read the full article.

PodcAst AppearAncEs

Reclaiming the life you deserve – thriving after divorce. Your journey to new beginnings starts now with Karla Kyte, CDLP® and Andra Davidson
Divorce Lending Association

Please join Karla Kyte, CDLP® with the Divorce Lending Association as she interviews Certified Divorce Coach, Andra Davidson.

Andra Davidson is a collaboratively trained Certified Divorce Coach and mediator who created her Better Than Divorce™️ Program to provide emotional support to men and women navigating divorce.

She offers group and individual coaching, as well as an online course so anyone dealing with divorce can learn to minimize conflict, communicate effectively, and prioritize healthy coparenting. Her strength-based approach provides the tools and skills to reduce overwhelm and make informed decisions based on goals, not emotions.

Navigating Divorce with Confidence
The Sparking Entrepreneur

In this episode of the Sparking Entrepreneur Show, we’re joined by Andra Davidson, a Certified Divorce Coach®, mediator, and creator of the Better Than Before DivorceTM system. Andra shares her insights on how family law firms can provide their clients with essential emotional support through the divorce process without dipping into the retainer or using billable time. She discusses the benefits of her program, which includes improved client confidence, communication skills, clarified goals, and reduced stress and acrimony. Andra also talks about her personal journey of helping clients navigate the emotions of divorce and the impact her program has had on their lives. Whether you’re a family law professional or someone going through a divorce, this episode is a must-listen. Don’t miss Andra’s valuable advice on how to move forward with clarity, focus, and a healthy support system during this challenging time.

Better Than Before Divorce: How to Cope with the Overwhelm of Divorce
Garske Mediation

Leslie Garske from Garske Mediation talks to Andra Davidson, a Certified Divorce Coach and founder of Compass Rose on her take on divorce recovery coping strategies and how to move forward. Andra has a downloadable “Communications Planner” and an online course called “Better Than Before DivorceTM” on her website to help with the overwhelm of divorce.

Better than Before Divorce
Big Meow

Kristen White interviews Andra Davidson about her personal journey of overcoming divorce and offers advice on how to navigate the difficult process. She emphasizes the importance of changing your perspective and finding your authentic self to create a better future. Andra talks about how to come out stronger on the other side. She encourages people to give themselves grace and patience during the grieving process and to tap into their intuition for personal growth. Andra also emphasizes the importance of healthy co-parenting and relationships.

Holiday Stress: How to Communicate

With Your Co-Parent
Splitting Smart

Divorce and dreading the holidays go hand in hand because your world has turned upside down and you have no idea how to navigate the new landscape.

During this conversation we shared…
• Communication styles to improve the overall divorce process
• Techniques to reduce the impact of being without your partner or children during the holidays
• How to minimize anxiety and overwhelm so you might find sparks of joy over the holiday season.

Our guest, Andra helps anxious and overwhelmed men and women minimize the impact of divorce on their kids, be healthy co-parents, and show up as their best selves throughout the process. She has been featured on and the Divorce Resiliency podcast.

Communication Tools that can Transform Your Divorce Experience
Stories of Divorce Resiliency

In this episode, Sherry chats with fellow CDC Certified Divorce Coach® Andra Davidson about how you communicate with your spouse during the divorce process can have a huge impact on how the process goes for the whole family. Andra uses her previous experience to help people pre-plan a strategy for communicating so clients can feel more assured that they have a plan for when they feel overwhelmed.

Andra Davidson is a Certified Divorce Coach®️ and communications expert working with anxious and overwhelmed clients to create and utilize emotion-free communication throughout the divorce process. Clear, effective communication helps clients achieve their divorce goals, set healthy boundaries and rediscover the strength, resilience and courage needed to successfully transition into their best Phase 2.

Dating After Divorce

for Women
Stephanie Flygare